Congratulations. You've completed your labs and learned a lot about community. Now let's put your thoughts into action. What could we do to build community right here and now? I'm sure that with all the time you've spent thinking about how community is impacted by food and race and technology and family and home and work, you must have some pretty good ideas of how we could make our own community stronger and more connected. Here's where you come in... Read this list of 100 Things You Can Do to Build Social Capital. Think about which of the 100 things would best build social capital in your community. Dream a little. How could you make your community even stronger?  Download these materials to propose a specific COMMONWEAL COMMUNITY CONSTRUCTION project to increase social capital in your community. Submit your proposal to by FEBRUARY 16, 2016. We'll post the best proposals on this site and select an annual winner and help turn their dream into reality!

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