It's been said that Americans live to work. And it's true that, compared to much of the world, we Americans do work a lot. But sometimes our long work hours can get in the way of other good things like family and community. Here's what a typical US workday looks like:

Here's a minute by minute breakdown of a typical American workday. 
Activity                         Average time spent

Working*                                             9:12

Sleeping                                               7:39

Leisure                                                 2:52

Eating                                                  2:07

Cooking, cleaning, etc                         :52

     Grooming                                             :48      

Caring for children, elderly, etc           :34

Shopping                                              :33

Other                                                    :09

Volunteering                                         :07

Education                                             :06

      Talking to people on the phone           :05      

Obviously, for the average American, there's not a lot of time for family or community. Here's where you come in. Interview someone about how they spend their typical workday. Write down the number of minutes they spend on each of the activities listed above. Then hack their life and reschedule their typical work day in order to increase connections with family and community. Share a comparison of your interviewee's before and after workdays and your thoughts about the impact of work on you and your community.

*remember, school counts as working for students. 

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