Commonweal is a series of labs for you to explore and document your community. The world is your laboratory!

What are the labs about?
Each lab focuses on a different element of your community

What do I need?
A way to document your labs
A place to post your lab results

How do I do this?
Be creative. Complete the labs by using whatever resources you have at your command: pen, paper, audio recorder, digital camera, or video camera to document your response to each lab.

Where do I start?
Complete the Community Self Evaluation then dive into the labs.

How many labs do I complete?
Your will be given an assignment telling you how many labs to complete.

What do I do after I complete my labs?
Make your own Tumblr, blog, website, or prezi to record the results of your labs. It's free & easy to do. 

How do I post my labs to Commonweal?
After you create a platform for your work, send us a link at and we'll post your lab work right on this site. 

I need some inspiration. Are there any examples to help inspire me?
Check out the Student Labs page with some of our all time favorite student work, done by students just like you.
After you've finished all your community labs, you'll make a proposal to strengthen your own community. Submit your proposal to by February 16, 2016 to 
We'll post the best proposals on this site and select an annual winner to help turn their dream into reality.

Lab time
Now get to work learning more about your community. There’s lots of cool labs waiting below!

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